Getting Back on Track

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It’s Sunday of a four day weekend for me, thank God, and it’s time to get back on track. Last night I went over to my friend Steph’s house for wine and cheese and general shenanigans, and oh my gosh. We sang, danced, ate, and drank until about 2AM. Needless to say, I don’t feel at the top of my game this morning.

Much like the start of a new month, or a new year, the start of a new week is typically the time when people say they’re going to “get back on track” with their diet, exercise, household chores, etc. The weekend, especially a nice long weekend, presents itself as an opportunity to let loose and stray from our routine. Last night was no exception for me. While I had a lot of fun, I don’t care for that general “ugh” feeling the morning after a late night of wine and food. So, today, I’m getting back on track. Here’s how I typically get back into the swing of things after a crazy weekend:

  1. Get out of bed! When I drink, I usually don’t sleep in very well. Something about the sugar I’ve consumed just keeps me up. I’ll wake up naturally around 7 or 8 and while my instinct is to continue sleeping, I fight that and rally. I know that if I get out of bed and get going, I’ll maybe start to feel better.
  2. Get active. My dog, a pointer-lab-pit mix, is a pretty active dude. He doesn’t need a walk every morning, but it sets a good tone for his day and mine. If I’ve had a late night of drinking and snacking, it helps me to get up and get outside. The fresh air, the walking, and the attempts to keep the dog calm while we walk, generally snap me out of a funk.
  3. HYDRATE! Back in college I thought the best cure for a late night (drinking or studying) was to pound coffee. Well, my friends, that may help for a little while but it doesn’t last. I find that if I hit the water game hard from the moment I wake up, I flush the nastiness out of my system. Plus, hydrating in general is just a good idea.
  4. Make a plan. If I have a plan or at least half of a plan of attack for the day, I wake up with a purpose. I know there are things I have to do and times I have to do them by, so lolly-gagging isn’t really an option. Not only that, but having a schedule keeps me from giving into the instinct to lie on the couch and watch Netflix all day. Sometimes that’s okay, but it’s pretty crappy to find you’ve wasted an entire day on feeling like…well, crap. Last night I told myself I would go to 10:30 AM yoga (also paid for a drop-in package, so I gotta use my classes!) and then lunch with a friend right after. This little plan helped me to get up by 8, walk the dog, and write this post! And not give in to the seductive glow my couch seems to be giving off right now…
  5. Mind over matter. I’m not new to the “party all night” game. Sure, I’ve never had a Hangover scenario happen to me, but I’ve had some roooough nights. Half the battle for me the next day, though, is to mind over matter everything. Yes, I may feel like garbage, but I’m going to will my way through the day. Once I mind over matter my morning, I usually feel alright by midday. Sometimes I don’t, but hey, self-imposed pain is no one’s fault but my own!

While I’m certainly not encouraging a regular crazy late night, I definitely don’t discourage a fun time with great friends. Just know that there are ways to combat the symptoms of a late night kitchen dance party and get your life back on track! Have a happy healthy Sunday, son!


Survey Time! This or That

Good morning and happy Friday! I saw this fun survey on Tina’s blog this morning and thought I’d give it a swing. If you haven’t checked out Carrots ‘n Cake yet, do so now! Now it’s survey time!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Hmmm, it depends. I love a good vanilla bean ice cream over chocolate ice cream any day, but I’m a chocoholic at heart.

Innie or Outtie?

Innie innie innie. Outtie belly buttons freak me out.

Hot, Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

I live in western Washington (state), and down below the mountains we tend to just get a lot of rain or ice. We had a really hot, dry summer this year and I’m kind of over it. But I have had my share of snowpocalyptic winters (I was born in Alaska…in the winter), and those can get old too. My third year of college at UVA, we had like, three separate snowmageddons. It was brutal. This was outside the local Chipotle until May:


Save or Spend?

I’m a saver. I freak out a lot about money.

Elliptical or Treadmill?

Ugh, neither really. Back in high school when I was just getting into shape, I would go on the elliptical for upwards of 70 minutes at a time! I prefer to use the treadmill when it’s too crappy to run, but I’ll hop on the elliptical if my knees need a break.

Banana or Apple?


Morning or Night?

Morning. My fiance always asks how I’m such a morning person. Really, I just don’t sleep in much. I can be a real grouch in the morning, not because I don’t like waking up, but because I need some time to myself to process my day. I generally cannot stand running into a ton of people at work right when I walk in in the morning. Again, not because I’m tired, but because I need some time to figure life out for the day. But I am not a very good sleeper-inner. So I guess mornings!

Love or Money?

Love, love, love


Lip Balm or Lipstick?

Lip balm. Lipstick gets all gross.

Butt or Boobs?

Butt. You can’t squat with your boobs!

Alone or with others?

It really depends on the day. I’m an introvert, but I don’t always want to be alone.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee all day, errday.

Straight or Curly?

My hair is stiiiick straight. Nothing I can do about it!

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

Three squares. I can easily get out of control when I graze, so I’d prefer to have nice, satisfying meals.

Right-handed or left-handed?

Lefty all day, err day!

Beach or Mountains?

Both! I spent most of my life in coastal Virginia, so the beach was a regular thing for my family. But now living out in Washington, I can’t deny the appeal of the mountains.


I was really into jumping pictures for a while.


^This is actually out in southern Arizona last December, not Washington.

Mac or PC?

This is a tough one. I love apple for my iPhone. But my Mac drives me nuts. Maybe because it’s almost 5 years old?

Shy or Outgoing?

I’m shy, but around the right people I’m a social butterfly. But generally shy.

Now it’s your turn!!

Back to the Blog!

I am officially the worst about starting blogs. I think this is like, my fifth or sixth attempt at blogging regularly. Ridiculous.

So, what makes this time different? Why start another blog? The 100% honest answer is that I just feel like it. I just feel like writing down my thoughts and my meals and my happenings for the day. What’s the goal? The 100% honest answer there is I’d like to make this a regular thing and even turn it into a part-time job of sorts some day. It’s kind of a lofty and vague goal, but we’re asking for 100% honesty, right?

The less honest answers are: I don’t know why I’m starting another blog, I don’t know what the goal here is, and I don’t know if I’ll keep it up this time.

The more pragmatic answer (so the not 100% emotionally honest answer, but the 100% common sense answer) is that I’m going through some big changes in my life right now, and I think a blog could help me make tangible (at least moreso) what I’m dealing with in going through those changes.

One of those changes, in very vague terms (because I don’t know you cats well enough to give all the not-so-fun details to), is cleaning up my health (mental and physical). I generally consider myself a healthy person. I eat well-balanced meals, I do a lot of my own cooking and food prep, I work out almost every day, and I know when to tell my body to rest. But, like every other human in the world, I’m not perfect. I’m far from it, actually. After 10 years of dieting, body image issues, yo-yoing in weight, and just being downright sad at times, I decided something was not right. So, as a way to get myself right, I’m going to use this as a forum of sorts. For daily eats, treats, work outs, and general happenings.

I’m on a new journey right now. I’ll be transitioning out of the Army in the next year, getting married (eventually…we’ve only been engaged for two months, so we haven’t set a date), and moving somewhere completely new. On top of that, I’m trying to change some old not-so-good habits, instill some new ones, and maybe try something new altogether. So, that, my friends, is why it’s back to the blog.