Back to the Blog!

I am officially the worst about starting blogs. I think this is like, my fifth or sixth attempt at blogging regularly. Ridiculous.

So, what makes this time different? Why start another blog? The 100% honest answer is that I just feel like it. I just feel like writing down my thoughts and my meals and my happenings for the day. What’s the goal? The 100% honest answer there is I’d like to make this a regular thing and even turn it into a part-time job of sorts some day. It’s kind of a lofty and vague goal, but we’re asking for 100% honesty, right?

The less honest answers are: I don’t know why I’m starting another blog, I don’t know what the goal here is, and I don’t know if I’ll keep it up this time.

The more pragmatic answer (so the not 100% emotionally honest answer, but the 100% common sense answer) is that I’m going through some big changes in my life right now, and I think a blog could help me make tangible (at least moreso) what I’m dealing with in going through those changes.

One of those changes, in very vague terms (because I don’t know you cats well enough to give all the not-so-fun details to), is cleaning up my health (mental and physical). I generally consider myself a healthy person. I eat well-balanced meals, I do a lot of my own cooking and food prep, I work out almost every day, and I know when to tell my body to rest. But, like every other human in the world, I’m not perfect. I’m far from it, actually. After 10 years of dieting, body image issues, yo-yoing in weight, and just being downright sad at times, I decided something was not right. So, as a way to get myself right, I’m going to use this as a forum of sorts. For daily eats, treats, work outs, and general happenings.

I’m on a new journey right now. I’ll be transitioning out of the Army in the next year, getting married (eventually…we’ve only been engaged for two months, so we haven’t set a date), and moving somewhere completely new. On top of that, I’m trying to change some old not-so-good habits, instill some new ones, and maybe try something new altogether. So, that, my friends, is why it’s back to the blog.


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